Who are we?

We are a group of regular guys, that wanted something that was not avalible at the time.  From that point we have become your hosts, Primary hosts and co-hosts! Our stats are as below!

Steve - White, 24, 6′1, 285 lbs Bear/Chub

Primary / Founder
Bradley - Hispanic, 22, 5′9, 155 lbs Chaser

Primary / Founder

D & G

Our Lovely Co-Hostesses

Who Goes?

Our target guest list is guys under 45 years old. Although we do not have a set age restriction. Guys of all colors, sizes, ages, ethnicities, preferences, and looks all attend the party.  We try our best to keep the top/bottom/oral ratio even, as well as the chaser/chub ratio even as well. All is depending on people flaking. Generally there is someone for everyone here, and a vast selection of guys in attendence. 

We do not share, repost, or upload anyones pictures that attend the party for discretion and privacy. 

That being said we can not send anyone pictures of anyone attending.

What is the space?

The parties are hosted in a private  apartment in North Hollywood. For the parties we only use the living room and a bedroom and 2 Restrooms. We have a max capacity, and is the reason why we ask to confirm only if you are coming! As far as parking there is only street parking available. Once you arrive for the party, you must text or message one of the hosts to be let in. We go downstairs and bring you up to the apartment. We request that outside the building or within the building you keep noise down to nothing, as this is a private and discrete party :) Please note this is our private apartment, we appreciate it if you treated this as if it were your own home

How does it work?

The Text

Once you are approved, your host will text you the address of the party a few hours prior. Once you arrive at the building and park, just send a quick text, and we will come down to the front and take you up to the apartment. 


Once inside, you will be given a bag. Just undress till your underwear, Jock, or bare ass. :)


Just get comfortable, have a seat, grab a drink, strike up a convo, and make yourself at home. Just remember everyone thats here, is here for the same exact reason you are here. So let loose and have a good time! 


​We have a max capacity, and is the reason why we ask to confirm only if you are coming! Please do not make us hold a space for you if you are not able to make it!


Events and Parties hosted for the Bears, Cubs, Chubs and Chasers of Los Angeles.

Come experience what it's like to unwind with some of the sexiest guys around!

We are UNDERBEAR, around since 2014, hosting private and public events all year round. Come check out our next event and play!

Contact your host to RSVP

April 20th


\ˈber\ noun  -  A gay or bisexual man that is heavy-set, hairy, and often displays masculine mannerisms. By our definition



Next Party: April 20th 8PM 


​Where the Bears come to play.

April 20

This is UNDERBEAR Exclusive! These are private and invite only parties usually hosted in North Hollywood. To be invited to these exclusive parties you must be approved prior, by submitting pictures and information about yourself. These parties have different themes, and are stuffed full of Bears, Chubs, Chasers, and Cubs. 

Come join us at our next party! Below is some information about the UNDERBEAR Exclusive Parties!

House Rules

1. Please treat everyone attending with respect, discretion, and honesty! 

2. NO means NO. Simple, and only required to be said once. Same goes both ways, if someone tells you no, please respect their wishes.

3. Please cum on each other, or on paper towel. Please keep cum off furniture and floor!


5. There is no where to smoke, we ask you to take care of that before coming in

6. If you are cut off, please do not try to sneak anymore

7. Keep noise to a minimum inside the apartment and outside!

8. Do not bring a guest without clearance from a host!

9. Come clean, inside and out. We do not allow showering, or douching here.

Please be as hygenic as possible, small space, and lots of men, smells can kill it all. Don't be that guy.

10. Enjoy yourself, and never be afraid to ask someone if they are interested!