Events and Parties hosted for the Bears, Cubs, Chubs and Chasers of Los Angeles.

Come experience what it's like to unwind with some of the sexiest guys around!

We are UNDERBEAR, around since 2014, hosting private and public events all year round. Come check out our next event and play!


Feb 9th

Check out our favorite Lube! SPUNK Lube

April 28th

Jan 25th

​Feb 9th


Friday Feb 22nd 9PM

UB Underwear Party!

Underwear Party
Music | No Cover | DJ Youngsamuel

UNDERBEAR @ Bullet Bar

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NEW More Play Space!

Friday Feb 22nd - 9PM No Cover


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\ˈber\ noun  -  A gay or bisexual man that is heavy-set, hairy, and often displays masculine mannerisms. By our definition